We have painted the up stairs all new colors a lot brighter we hope you will like the colors.

We have lined up Live Music for six nights a week starting with the first Saturday in November. I will post the Bands that are playing in a couple of weeks. 


We have also added weekly events, starting on December 3rd:

On Monday nights we are going to have a POKER night. We have 3 nice around tables that will seat 6 players each.

Also on Monday we will host the NFL Monday night Football game on two 50″ flat screen TV.  Also football will on on Sundays all day.

There will be an Open Mike night on Tuesdays, hosted by Doug and Scott Pettigrew.

We would also like to do a Bingo game one afternoon a week. We need someone to be in charge of the game. The Bar well furnish what else is needed.

Check ‘Weekly Events’ under ‘About’ for the latest updates on these.


We have also lined up 7 special events for this season already.

Also you might not know, but the TIME OUT is open for all kinds of parties you might want to have, we can seat 96 at tables. At no Charge.

We at TIME OUT hope you have a good and safe return back this season.