TIME OUT has two 58″ flat screen TVs up and running for the Saturday & Sunday NFL play off games.

Also we will start selling tickets on Saturday for our upcoming SUPER BOWL PARTY, which will be done the same as the last two seasons. We have hired a man from SKY to be at the game to make everything works.

Table and seat tickets will be $250 pesos with dinner at half time. Your choice of Ribs or Chicken breast. Potato salad or Baked beans and Bread


Wednesday February 27th, 9 pm to 12 am

Jr Cadillac-Feb.2019

Tickets are on sale now.
Admission will be 200 pesos per person.
We will be selling tickets by the table # or chair.
You will need a ticket and a table # to get into the event.

The reason TIME OUT is selling tickets so soon is because the word has gotten out that JR CADILLAC is playing and people are already trying to by tickets. They remember the last time they played here: we were sold out the first month after we put the tickets up for sale.

TIME OUT will only sell as many ticket as we have
seats – no standing room. This makes for a better show
and our waiters can get to you when you want something.

We hope you all have a great time. It’s going to be fun
just like the last time that JR CADILLAC played.

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